Personalized OncologyThe future of cancer therapies

The main task of the Zodiak Program is to create a nationwide research network between the best clinical, scientific and commercial institutions, aimed at developing personalized oncology tools for both the patient and the clinician.

100 000

deaths per year in Poland are caused by cancers

To reverse this negative trend, it is necessary to increase the availability of advanced drugs and modern diagnostics correlated with them.

This approach, known as personalized oncology, is the future of cancer treatment.

The Zodiak Program aims to develop personalized oncology in Poland

The research conducted within the Zodiak Program includes:

Ikonka biobankowania próbek klinicznych
of cancer samples
Ikonka poszukiwania biomarkerów nowotworowych
Ikonka narzędzi diagnostycznych
development of a diagnostic tools
Ikonka badań klinicznych

Such a space, created for the contact between the world of science and business, will facilitate the fast commercialization and implementation of developed solutions on the market.


are a universal solution to the problem of limited biological sample availability.

The Zodiak Program includes biobanking tissue and DNA of cancer samples.

The biobank complies with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001 certificate) and the guidelines for the Quality Standards for Polish Biobanks.

Currently, samples are collected from patients with breast and ovarian cancer.

Mapa polski z logotypami partnerów takimi jak Siepomaga, MNM Diagnostics czy


The research network includes various entities, both clinical and scientific units as well as commercial R&D companies in the field of diagnostics and oncology.

The program is supported by the Siepomaga Foundation and the magazine.

Our research projects

from idea to reality

As part of the Zodiak Program, joint research projects are focused on the genomics of breast cancer, which will be then extended to other types of cancer.

PARPiNDx, a novel genomic based classifier for prediction of PARP inhibitor

The aim of the project is to create an AI-powered diagnostic tool - PARPiNDx, designed to improve ovarian cancer patient classification, increasing their chances for successful clinical outcomes.

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Mapa medyczna testowania genomu

The use of the whole genome sequencing technique in diagnostics of breast cancer

Breast cancer is characterized by a large diversity of biological subtypes, heterogeneity, and a complicated genetic origin, which means that the use of whole genome sequencing technology seems to have enormous cognitive and diagnostic potential there.

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Strzałka w prawo

Scientific papers

published as part of the Zodiak Program

Publikacja opisująca przełomową metodę oceny statusu nadekspresji receptorów HER2 znajdujących się na powierzchni komórek nowotworowych z wykorzystaniem sekwencjonowania całogenomowego

The publication describes a breakthrough method of assessing the overexpression status of HER2 receptors located on the surface of cancer cells using whole genome sequencing. The introduction of this method in routine genetic diagnostics would allow for a more effective selection of patients for targeted therapy with drugs aimed at blocking HER2 overexpression.

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